Baytown Nature Preserve
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Restoration of Superfund Site

Location Baytown, Texas

Client City of Baytown Parks and Recreation Dept.

Scope Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size 60 acres

A 200-company consortium (led by ARCO Chemical Company) successfully cleaned up a Superfund (contaminated land) site in Crosby, Texas where its members had legally dumped waste for decades. As part of these cleanup activities, the U.S. District Court ordered this consortium to carry out a separate marsh restoration project to replace natural resources that were also damaged or destroyed because of these legal dumping activities. The consortium selected the Brownwood Marsh site in Baytown, 20 miles east of Houston. SWA helped to prepare a master plan and provided land planning and landscape architectural services for this wetlands parcel. As a result of the restoration plant life rapidly reclaimed the property and deer, fish, crustaceans and 275 bird species (including two endangered species) have made their home in the restored wetlands