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Our annual print collection of built projects, collaborative designs and upcoming visions. Download a free copy or buy a print version.

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SWA's photo gallery of the incredible, the unexpected, and the amusing—largely from our travels—that inspire our passion for landscape and design.


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The SWA Patrick Curran Fellowship Program is a paid employee program for research and innovation, awarded annually to outstanding employees to fund research and development.

Experiment. Create. Innovate. Share. Collaborate. Our work is fueled by knowledge, research and active debate. We advocate new ideas and innovation in design theory and practice. SWA’s identity is founded on research, experimentation and risk-taking. At SWA, our design studio structure and locations are geared towards communication, responsiveness and engagement. Take a look through our online laboratory of ideas, people, and projects: our annual employee Fellowships encourage people to pursue research, innovation, and focused study towards the advancement of landscape architecture. Take a look at the latest on our IDEAS blog, or browse through our annual SWA Journal for the best of landscape architecture in the world today.